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    Current Buglist



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    Current Buglist

    Post by Akainu on Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:51 pm

    Bug List

    • Hobbit machine gunning
    • AC bug
    • Multiple spell usage
    • Faramir's Wounding Arrow while being mounted
    • Building bugs -> allows a player to have either buildings for free or several buildings on one/several spots
    • Eye of sauron sometimes refuses to give the leadership (Experience bonus) to units properly
    • Horses and heroes sometimes jump on a wall when running through a postern gate
    • Land on a settlement spot loses its effect when the settlement is built
    • Rain effect can be canceled by moving on an enemies' land
    • Neutral Trolls/Wargs/Goblins move far away from their lair at the beginning of a match
    • Mumakil is killed over time by charging enemies while being garrisoned by Rhûn Soldiers
    • Rain and Darkness do not stop after the effect is over
    • Win/Loose Bug
    • F12 spam
    • Farms remain on 0% for way too long on some spots
    • Rohirrim Archer command points (says 15, but you lose 20 when you recruit a bat)
    • Uruk-Hai/Pikemen-Crossbow Combohorde bug (link)
    • Citadel randomely crashes, usually due to a laggy host, and can't be repaired
    • If a player quits in a team game, his units lose the visual effects of heavy armor (The units still have heavy armor, you just don't see it anymore)

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