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    Let us know every single bug of BfME



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    Let us know every single bug of BfME

    Post by Akainu on Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:06 am

    1. Post a topic

    2. State only one bug per topic (Upload Screenshots and if necessary, replays, to show us the bug you have found)

    3. Your bug will then get approved for further discussion or declined. [We will either approve your bug (= Yes it is a bug, it clearly shouldn't have a place in the game, and we can fix it) or decline it (= No it's not a bug/It's too much integrated in the gameplay nowadays to fix it/We can't fix it).

    We won't make up a decision on bugs lightly, EVERY bug (except for the obvious ones) requires further discussions with experts.]

    Please help us in finding the bugs, thanks Smile

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