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    Found an 1.04 patch proposal list. (2007)



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    Found an 1.04 patch proposal list. (2007)

    Post by THORONGIL on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:18 pm

    This has overal good respondses
    Balance Changes:
    - Gondor Trebuchet splash radius now 20 (from 25), 30 with fire stones (from 40)
    - Soldier of Rhun horde speed now 40 (from 36)
    - Rain duration reduced to 2 minutes
    - Haradrim Lancer horde buildcost now 200 (from 240)
    - Mordor Orc Warrior damage vs gondor and rohan farms now 4 per blow (from 3.6)
    - All flame arrows (except for the Elven Warrior's) flame damage now has a -30% damage penalty against cavalry units
    *- Cloudbreak now disables all weathers effectiveness for 1 minute
    *- Total damage leadership bonus is now capped at 400% (ie. 4 times the original damage)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Host player command lag advantage fixed
    - Host player having to quit the game after a loss to properly report it fixed
    - Fixed bug with repeatedly hitting F12 to freeze the game and causes a win plus loss to the player doing it, hence avoiding a straight loss
    - Fixed bug with Rain and Darkness keeping the graphical effects after their effective duration is complete
    - Fixed bug that allowed multiple buildings on a single build spot, usually due to laggy conditions
    - Fixed bug that enabled some ranged heroes to shoot through Walls, generally due to laggy conditions and with rebuilt walls
    - Fixed 'wall teleport' bug, that caused units, specially when crossing gates, to be teleported onto Castle walls
    - Fixed bug with Gondor walls and rebuilt towers not giving out power points when destroyed
    - Neutral Trolls no longer spawn randomly away from their lairs
    **-Soldier of Rhun bonus against cavalry is now properly awarded when in formation


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    Re: Found an 1.04 patch proposal list. (2007)

    Post by Akainu on Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:21 am

    Those changes don't seem too bad to me. However I don't know whether we could take on all the bugfixes.


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