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    The "Bugfix" patch



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    The "Bugfix" patch

    Post by Akainu on Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:03 am

    Just had a discussion with Unikorn:

    Unikorn: hi
    Unikorn: patch is too fast for 1v1
    Unikorn: need to slow it back down
    Pallando: hmm
    Pallando: which match up?
    Unikorn: rohan mordor is what we played
    Unikorn: but im sure its the same for any mu
    Unikorn: everything moves so fast its hard to react and control all ur units
    Pallando: thorongil will be online tomorrow again
    Pallando: is it ok for 2vs2?
    Unikorn: well it was a lot faster, but i didnt notice it in the same way
    Unikorn: but in 2v2 you dont have to look all over the map all the time either
    Unikorn: otherwise its really op
    Unikorn: except its actually worse for host imo lol
    Pallando: :p
    Pallando: ok I'll tell him
    Unikorn: offhost has a little delay, but host gets ignored commands and command lag
    Unikorn: chyna agreed with me

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